Hi there! My name is Jen Hudnall and I have Adrenal Insufficiency aka Addison’s Disease. But my disease does not define who I am. I am a wife and a mother to 6 amazing kids (3 that I gave birth to, 2 that I love just as much as my other 3, and 1 new daughter-in-law). I was born with a passion to help people. That passion and desire is what has led me to blogging.

I spent over 8 years in and out of hospitals, doctor offices, and specialists. I was incredibly sick and no one could tell me why. I got labeled as a drug seeker and I was told that it was all in my head. My ex husband left me, I lost a lot of friends, and I think I lost a little bit of myself as well. Luckily, in March of 2016, while being admitted in the hospital, a very caring and determined doctor decided that she wasn’t going to let me leave the hospital with the same answers I kept getting. She looked over my records to see which tests had been performed and instead of running the same ones over and over again like all of the other doctors had done, she ran new tests. One of those tests was a cortisol test. When that came back, it showed that my body was not producing cortisol like it should be. She told me to get in to see my primary care provider ASAP, which I did that very same day. I was also told to find an Endocrinologist for further testing. I was diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency, aka Addison’s Disease, a rare disease that affects 1 in 100,000 people.

I started my blog for a few reasons. First of all, I have had a lot of friends and family members who have asked about my journey and wanted to know more about Addison’s Disease. Secondly, I wanted to be able to share my journey with other people who have the same disease, in hopes that it could potentially save lives. And lastly, I wanted to be able to empower anyone who is battling health ailments to not give up.

I have worked for a company called American Income Life Insurance for over 5 years. I meet with Union Members and Veterans and explain which benefits they currently have and let them know about benefits that they qualify for. It has been a very rewarding career. No one likes to talk about death, but the reality is that at some point, we all will die and someone in our immediate family will have to face the funeral director. I help to make sure that the family members don’t have to worry about the financial burden of burying their loved ones.

Living with Addison’s Disease has been a bumpy roller coaster ride, not only for me but for my husband, my kids, my family and my friends. I have died 3 times and have been near death too many times to count. I jokingly say that I must have 20 lives, but the truth is, God has kept me on Earth for a reason. I truly believe that the Lord saved me so that I could help other people, which I am 100% committed to do.

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